Day 2 - Tour of the Blue Mountains

Day 2 in Sydney consisted of a tour to the Blue Mountains, a visit to a wildlife park/zoo, and then a scenic river cruise back to Sydney.  Weather continued to cooperate.

View from our hotel room... On the tour bus!

We stopped for a quick lunch in Katoomba.  Annie had the Kangeroo burger, it was pretty good actually. Map showing the Blue Mountains in relation to Sydney.  Katoomba is about 65 miles from Sydney...

Entrance to "Scenic World" in the Blue Mountains. We started the tour with a Skyway ride across the Jamison Valley in the park.

The Blue Mountains in the distance.  Per guides, blue color comes from vapor emitted by eucalyptus trees. Boarding the railway to go down to the bottom of the valley.

View from the walkway up at the cliffs on either side of the valley. Another incredible view from the bottom of the valley.

At the end of thw walkway through the Jamison Valley was this sign for the "Three Sisters" sandstone formation. "Three Sisters" sandstone formation from the walkway observation deck.

Next stop was the Featherdale Wildlife Park... ... where we saw our first real live Australian animals, in this case an emu.

First koala sightings! A couple of koalas in a nearby tree.  They actually moved a little which, per the guides, was pretty unusual at this time of the day.

Final trip back to Sydney was on a river boat. Sunset view off the back of the boat.

Approaching the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Passing the Sydney Opera House.  More on this on day 3... :)