Day 5 - Touring the Sapphire Coast

We cruised from Sydney all night, seas were a little rough (a hint of things to come perhaps).  In the morning we arrived in Eden, Australia which is about 300 miles south of Sydney.  Eden did not having docking accomodations so we had to take a tender service in from the ship to shore.  Once on land, we loaded up on a bus and did a tour along the coast - it was beautiful and picturesque.  We ended the day tour at the local Fishermen's Wharf, then it was back to the ship and on to our next adventure!

Pulling into Eden, Australia - somewhere in the bay off of Cocora Point

Tender service into port.  Our ship in the harbor with another tender boat on its way in.

Angela with the local welcome committee at the wharf. Our local bus service, some were better than others.  This one was pretty good!

Rotary Park Lookout, part 1 and... ...part 2.

View from Rotary Lookout.  Per our guide, back in the day lookouts would be posted here watching for whales.  When alerted, whaling boat crews would row out to try to intercept them! Too early in the season for whales but fun to think about... :)

Another poster at Rotary Lookout Tathra Memorial Garden, north of Eden

View across the bay from Tathra Memorial Garden Another view across the bay from Tathra Memorial Garden.

Norfolk pine tree at Tathra Park.  These were all over the place in Australia and New Zealand. Photo op at Tathra Park

Another view along the coast.  Reminded us very much of Monterey and Carmel, albeit on the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean.

Back in Eden on the wharf. View of the docks at Eden Wharf.

Panoramic view of the docks, with the mountains in the background.  More glorious weather!