Days 9 and 10 - Crossing the Tasman Sea

We departed Burnie, Tasmania in the evening en route to New Zealand.  This required a two-day open water crossing of the Tasman Sea.   We soon discovered why this was the last cruise of the season, the seas were more than a little rough and our relatively small ship and its passengers got bounced around pretty good.  Those of us with Air Force "airborne-hardened" stomaches were not affected much but others were less fortunate.  The ship dispensary was handing out motion sickness tablets like candy.   Angela tried to tough it out the first night with little to no success, I finally talked her into taking a double-dose of dramamine which knocked her out.   She was much better the next morning.   Despite the high seas and the motion sickness, we still managed to find the strength to somehow drag ourselves down to the Tuscan Steak specialty restaurant for a suprisingly delicious dinner.  Double-kudos to the staff for being able to serve the food and drinks with minimum damage/spillage.  Not alot of photos but plenty of memories - Angela stubbornly trying to hang on to and use the elliptical trainer in the gym (up high on deck 10) was a highlight!

View out our cabin window, lots of bashing and swirling going on. Waves were around 15ft, not so big but on a ship our size they were "big enough."

Meanwhile, being cosy in the library... not sure why we took this photo actually. Elevator bay on deck 10.  On the wall to the left is the sign for the Tuscan Steak restaurant...

Plates were nice!

I think this was Angela's dessert... ... which means this one was mine!