Day 11 - Cruising through Milford Sound, New Zealand

Our reward for making it across the Tasman Sea was a morning cruise through Milford Sound, on the west side of the South Island.  Technically Milford Sound is a fjord (a submerged glacial valley) versus a sound (a river valley flooded by the sea) but regardless it was truly glorious.  I took some photos off our balcony as we cruised in while Angela went up to the lounge and then to the top deck.  I eventually joined her up there.  What a great way to start our visit to New Zealand!

Cruising into Milford Sound, early in the morning...

Me on deck, note early morning clouds in valleys have not burned off yet... Photo from the Horizon Lounge looking out toward the front of the ship.

Photo from our cabin, steep walls with waterfalls. View towards the stern of the ship.

Sun coming up on the mountains, lower down is still in shadow. Ditto!

Another small waterfall. Snow still visible on the mountain top.

Angela on deck.  Lots of little boats doing tours up and down the sound. Another sunlight/clouds/shadow photo.  Moon is still visible.

Headed out of Milford Sound.

Cruising south down the New Zealand coast. Angela up on deck.

Another view... ... and yet another.