Day 12 - Dunedin, New Zealand

Our first official port-of-call in New Zealand was Port Chalmers of the east side of the South Island.  We had a little time in the morning to walk around town, then we boarded yet another tour bus for a trip to a private wildlife preserve called Natures Wonders via the city of Dunedin (pronounced Du-NE-din).  Bus trip from Dunedin to the wildlife preserve was more than a little harrowing.  Harrington Point Road is a windy, (almost) two-lane road that for long stretches is built into the side of ridges hugging the coastline with few if any railings.  Bus driver/tour guide seem to take it in stride, so we just held on.  We finally arrived safely (?) at the wildlife preserve where we got a chance to observe seals and penguins.  Took the same crazy road back down to Dunedin where we got a short city tour before going back to the cruise ship.  Wonderful weather continued to cooperate!

Pulling into Port Chalmers in the morning. View of Port Chalmers with our cruise ship in the background.  Primarily a commercial port.

Community church in Port Chalmers. View from above the church.

Angela and I took a hike around the penisula south of town, a nice walk. On our way back to town...

Time to board the tour bus. A quick stop in Dunedin to check out the local train station, very Victorian.

On our way to Natures Wonders wildlife preserve.  Views were wonderful but the road was pretty sketchy. I believe this was called Hoopers Inlet

Arriving at the private wildlife preserve. We got loaded in these eight-wheel all-terrain vehicles for our tour.  Wind breakers/protective clothing was provided and much needed!

"Trail" to one of our viewing stations.  Plenty of mud for everyone! At the top!

Seal pups out on the rocks. More seal pups cavorting in a tidal pool.

Beautiful view of the beach and coastline.

Back in Dunedin, lots of interesting wall art in town... More wall art.