Day 13 - Amazing Akaroa, New Zealand

Overnight we cruised about 250 miles north along the east coast of New Zealand's South Island from Port Chalmers to our next port of call, Akaroa. This was another port without a wharf big enough for our ship so we had to use a tender service to shuttle from the ship to shore.  Big tour from Akoroa was a long bus-ride inland to Christchurch, New Zealand which was heavily damaged by earthquakes in 2011.  We decided to forgo this tour and to instead walk around and explore little Akoroa itself.  Imagine our surprise then when we discovered on our own perhaps the best "tour" of our cruise thus far!

Pulling into Akoroa Harbour. One of our little tender service boats.

View of our ship from the tender. Angela with Akoroa Harbour in the background.  It was a bit overcast but did not rain.

Found this statue of Charles Meryon in downtown Akoroa. A worthy subject!

There was a small local museum downtown that we walked through, they also showed a short film about the history of Akoroa. Exhibit on early Polynesian inhabitants in the Akaroa region.

Stone tools, implements, and jewelry. Artifacts used for fishing.

At the wharf a local suggested we take a look at the "Giant's House" Bed & Breakfast.  Strange looking gate and stairs but we took the chance, boy was it worth it! Story is that the house was bought by an artist, Josie Martin, about 25 years ago.  She started decorating the house, garden, and grounds with ceramics and has never stopped!  Photo of the front garden/yard with a ceramic-covered wall/bench and a jazz piano.

The rest of the jazz band, Kitty Katch-Me and the Rolling Dice. Angela at the piano... :)

The other side of the front garden includes a bench decked out as a ship surrounding a ceramic fountain. Further along in the garden, an octopus and elephant.

Angela with the local giraffe.  Note that the walls and even the path are covered with ceramics. A look down at the side garden.

Angela with a troupe of acrobats... ... and sitting on an Angel's lap  (Angela = Angel, get it?!)

This guy had nothing to say, just standing around. A view of the back gardens which were set on a steep hill that had been cut into numerous terraces.

Angela with some friends... ... and of course posing with the little ballerina!

Up on one of the terraces, not sure what we were looking at but it must be good! View down one of the terrace paths, seemingly every surface decorated.

Higher up on one of terraces, a mini-castle perhaps? Raise your hand if you like the Giant's House!