Day 16 - Napier, New Zealand - They make wine in NZ, who knew??

During the night we cruised north out of Wellington about 250 miles up the east coast of the North Island, reaching Napier, in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, in the morning.  Napier is in major wine and grape producing region in New Zealand.  We took a fun bus ride out to two local wineries for wine tastings, then ended the day going to Te Mata Peak for a scenic view of Napier and Hawke's Bay.  Weather continued to cooperate!

Another beautiful day in New Zealand... :)

First tour stop, the Moana Park Winery... ... where we were offered the opportunity to purchase some Moana Park wines - shocking!

Second stop, the Mission Estate Winery, which oddly enough use to be a real mission... Vineyards...

Front door. Back patio.

Elaborate wood carving in the lobby.

On our way up to Te Mata Peak. Information signage at the top.

View from the top.  Platform at the front is a hang gliding launch ramp.  They cannot be serious?? Another spectacular view.

Some of the numerous hiking trails visible in this one. Going back down, note tour bus in the curve in front of us.  Road was only big enough for busses to go up or go down, no two-way traffic allowed.  Police/traffic folks controlled traffic flow using radios.


A panoramic shot from the peak.