Day 02 - A free day in Oslo...

We had a full day in Oslo before the cruise, so we decided to take the city hop on/hop off ship around the harbor.   We boarded in front of the Oslo Opera House (about two minutes from our hotel).  We got off the ship at "Museum Island" and toured the Viking, Kon-Tiki, and Framm museums. After the tours, Angela stopped at the Opera House to look around and do some shopping.  Dinner was at a nearby Italian (?) restaurant.  Temperatures all day were in the low 80s...

In front of the Oslo Opera House.

Relaxing on the deck of our harbor shuttle.

In the Viking Museum. Two fully restored long ships on display plus a video recreation of their exploits.

Lots of Viking artifacts dug up from old grave mounds.Here a nearly perfectly intact wagon.

John and his long ship!

Angela and her long ship! 


The Kon-Tiki Museum

The actual Kon-Tiki balsa wood raft that floated from Peru to Tahiti.

At the Museum Island pier they had a memorial to Norwegianseaman who had died during World War II

A sea mine on display.

The Fram Museum - The Fram was a ship used by Norwegian explorers to conduct polar research.  The entire ship is housed inside the museum, we were able climb up, on, in, and through the entire vessel...

Ballet poster inside the Oslo Opera House.

Ballet poster inside the Oslo Opera House.


After touring all day, we went out to another local restaurant near our hotel for dinner.  Our two dishes plus another beer...