Day 11 - Touring to Tallinn, Estonia


After a full day and night transit at sea, we docked in Tallinn, Estonia this morning.

We did a three hour walking tour of the old city that was just spectacular!

Reboarded the ship for an early afternoon departure. Next stop - St. Petersburg, Russia! 

Driving into the city, sign for (north) Tallinn

Street musicians playing balalaikas, they were really quite good!

Street view, cobblestones and sunshine! 

 One of our intrepid travelers, with the spires of the St. Nikolas' church in the background...

View of old town Tallinn. Per out tour guide, the KGB had antennas installed in the church spire... 

 Another view of old town Tallinn, the weather continued to be outstanding 

Spires of St. Nikolas' Russian Orthodox church.

Close up of the church entrance. 50% of Tallinn’s residents are ethnic Russian...

For our ballet friends, the local ballet school.  Ballet is everywhere... :)

Deep in the old town, a simple sign for St. Catherine's Church...

Doorway leading into St. Catherine's

Heading back to our ship, ours is on the right. There were actually five cruise ships in port.   Per our guide, the number of tourists on the five ships exceeded the population of old town Tallinn!

One of the ship tours was called the “Soviet Flashback.”  A guy dressed in an old Soviet uniform,  asked people unintelligible questions in Russian, demanded identification papers, etc.  It was quite funny, it reminded us of the old Soviet checkpoints in Berlin... 

Sailing out of Tallinn, enroute to St. Petersburg, Russia