Cuba - Day 3

Cuba trip Day 3 - Tours of a Cuban farm, a giant cliff face mural painting, and an underground river boat ride, all in the Pinar del Rio region. Evening performances by the National Ballet of Cuba as well as dancers from the National Ballet of Mongolia, New York City Ballet, and Washington Ballet.

Passing the Russian Embassy. Interesting design... :) 

We stopped at a roadside tourist center which provided information on the

regional flora and fauna. Apparently a big tobacco growing region... in Pinar del Río, Cuba.

More at the tourist center. Cuba's "tobacco road"...?

Senor B, a local Cuban farmer, demonstrates how to roll cigars in his tobacco curing barn.

He rolled one on the spot. It was promptly "tested" (aka smoked) by some of the folks on our tour... :) 

Mural de la Prehistoria, a giant mural painted on a cliff face in the Vinales area of Cuba...

Cueva del Indio in Parque Nacional Viñales. We hiked into the cave,

then boarded a boat for a short ride back to the surface... 

Intrepid cave explorer John with his Australian trail hat. Good protection from the cave drippings... 

Gran Teatro de La Habana - venue for this evening's performances. Extensively remodeled and

renamed for Cuban prima Ballerina Alicia Alonso. Just reopened in January this year...

External view of the theater as we rolled up on our tour bus...  wow!

Angela posing in the theater foyer... wow!!

Stage curtain before the performance... wow!!!

Best game of the trip was called "Name that Car!" Vintage American autos are still everywhere on the

streets of Havana.  They are mostly used as private taxis...


Performances for this evening were a mixed repertoire:

  • Dionaea (National Ballet of Cuba);
  • Migration (National Ballet of Mongolia);
  • In Creases (Dance Company of America - included dancers from NYC Ballet);
  • Solo from Le Corsaire (Washington Ballet and National Ballet of Cuba); and
  • La Fille Mal Gardee (National Ballet of Cuba).

Male soloist in Le Corsaire was Brooklyn Mack, he was incredible!