Cuba - Day 5

Another walking tour of old Havana, a visit to the Cuban National Ballet School, and a whole slew of evening ballet performances...

Beautiful plaza in Old Havana... 

Typical street scene in old Havana, lovely Spanish colonial style architecture...

Angela with her buddy Frederick Chopin... outside the Hotel San Felipe

Cuban school children doing physical training in the morning at Plaza Vieja... stretching, calisthenics, relay

races - they totally ignored us tourists and seemed to be having a great time! 

"The Conversation", award-winning street art sculpture at Plaza San Francisco de Asís, along

with the ever-present and very friendly Havana street mutts...

Whimsical empty metal robe outside some hotel... 



The sign at the entrance of the Cuban National Ballet School... 

View of the interior of the Cuban National Ballet School, stunning building!

Devon Carney, Artistic Director of the Kansas City Ballet, welcomes us to the

Cuban National Ballet School... 

Grand stairway at the Cuban National Ballet School, what a beautiful facility...  See previous menu,

the door guard graciously took a picture of our entire tour group on the steps.

Advanced students rehearsing Act II of the ballet Le Corsaire.   Highly competitive, the best ballet

students from across Cuba are selected each year to attend the school, starting at age 10,

graduating at age 18. They have to retest each year to stay.

Bows of the advanced students.   The rehearsal was stunning - it was hard to believe

they were students, many were as good as/better than many professionals we have seen... 

An entire slate of performances at a slightly smaller second venue at the National Theater of Cuba

Cuban-born dancer Irene Rodriguez stole the show - standing ovation halfway through her performance,

See here website here.


Another mixed repertoire evening, performances included:

  • Flames of Paris pas de deux (Dutch National Ballet)
  • The Dying Swan (interesting male version - Javier Torres)
  • Le Corsaire pas de deux (National Ballet of Cuba)
  • Migration (National Ballet of Mongolia)
  • Raymonda pas de deux (National Ballet of Cuba)
  • Solera (traditional flamenco - Irene Rodriguez)
  • Black Milk (Le Grande Ballet Canadiens)