Cuba - Day 6

Cuba trip Day 6, aka "Hemingway in Cuba" day. Visited a little fishing village where he use to hang out, then did a tour of his home. Followed by lunch, a few more art tours, then yet another wonderful evening ballet performance by the National Ballet of Cuba!

Bust of Hemingway in a pavilion in the fishing village of Cojimar.   He use to hang out

with the fishermen here...

Hemingway's boat "Pilar"

Angela and Blair at Finca Vigía - Hemingway's home.  Door leads into the dining room.

Dining room, looking out the foyer through the front door. Probably provided a nice cross-breeze on

those warm Cuban summer days. Trophy heads everywhere throughout the house... 

 Bedroom. More book (in tallest to shortest order?). Newspaper on bed reporting the death of

Hemingway and his wife Mary Welsh in a plane crash in Africa. Report was wrong, they both survived... 

Hemingway's favorite writing instrument!


Hemingway's swimming pool. Featured (along with other parts of the house/property) in the

2015 movie "Papa: Hemingway in Cuba."

Pet cemetary next to the pool and his boat, Hemingway's favorite dogs (?)... 

Office/study, wall-to-wall books.

As a librarian, I wonder if he really had them arranged in tallest to shortest order?

Surprise, lunch at another paladar in Havana... 

Afternoon tour at the studio/home of Cuban artist Jacqueline Brito Jorge and her sister Yamilys.

Jacqueline seen here with one of her works. Angela purchased this piece (fit easily in our suitcase),

come to our condo sometime to view in person... :)

Unexpected statue of John Lennon (!) in Havana.  People lined up to take their picture with Johnny Boy.

All you need is love... 

Back to the Alicia Alonso Grand Theatre of Havana for another big performance... 

We were up in "Paradise", the top/fifth balcony.  Nose-bleed section but actually great seats because

we could see all the complex corps choreography from above...

Tonight's only IBF performance was "Giselle" by the National Ballet of Cuba. 93-year old Alicia Alonso attended this performance as well -

Giselle was one of her signature roles.   During bows, she received a standing ovation from the audience as well as the company on stage!