Finding France!

Another big bucket trip for us was a tour through France.  We decided to do this via two back-to-back river cruises.

We flew into Nice/Marseilles, then took a bus ride into Avignon where we met up with our boat, the Viking Delling. 

Our first river cruise started there, sailing down the Rhone river to Arles then back north all the way up to Lyon.  

After Lyon we took a high-speed train up to Paris where we met up with our second river boat, the Viking Rinda.

Our second France river cruise sailed up the Seine to Rouen, then came back down south, ending in Paris.

Incredible stops and tours all along the way, see below for day-by-day details!


Day 1 - A walking tour through Arles and then a big underground surprise!  

Day 2 - Back in Avignon, walking tour of the city and the Pope's Palace

Day 3 - A beautiful day in Viviers

Day 4 - A walking tour in Tournon and a ride on a steam train!

Day 05 - Arriving in Lyon

Day 06 - A wine tasting in Beaujolais, a food tasting in Lyon...

Day 7 - Travel day, Lyon to Paris 

Day 8 - Viva Versailles!

Day 9 - Vernon and Giverny

Day 10 - Arriving in Rouen

Day 11 - The Beaches of Normandy

Day 12 - Cruising back up the Seine

Day 13 - Final day, touring Paris and the Louvre