Day 5 - The end of the Rhone, arriving in Lyon

Cruised into Lyon this morning. Disembarked and toured old town Lyon, then took the rest of the day off.   More tours in the Lyon area tomorrow!  Our classic French tour guide said "Lyon is a great place to live in and visit, it is just like Paris except without the Parisians."

Cruising up the Rhone to our pier in Lyon we passed the Musée des Confluences, a science center and anthropology museum.  Didn't get a chance to actually go there but it sure looked interesting... After arrival and breakfast, we disembarked for a leisurely walk through historic Lyon.  First stop was (surprise!) a church, in this case the Lyon Cathedral, a XII century Romanesque and Gothic cathedral.  Outside detail was stunning!

Wider view of Lyon Cathedral... One of our intrepid heroes posing for a photo somewhere in Lyon...

A wide-angle view of Lyon looking down at the Rhone.

Next stop was called the Fresque des Lyonnais, a fresco on a building depicting a building (?),

including many notable people from the region.

Gibert Joseph - founder of a famous chain of bookstore throughout France.

Almost looks good enough to eat!

Angela with one of her culinary heroes...

Tour of the backstreets of downtown Lyon, our guide mentioned that during WWII, the French resistance used their knowledge of downtown Lyon to avoid capture...

What's this?