Day 6 - Beaujolias and Lyon, wine, cheese and chocolates, oh my!

Another beautiful morning in Lyon...  Morning trip to Beaujolais for a wine tasting...  Back in Lyon, our last tour aptly named “A Taste of Lyon”.  Leaving tomorrow, next stop is Paris!

Morning on the Rhone, a raft of French ducks came to visit!  Or is a paddle?  Or a team?  Whatever!

The view of Lyon from our ship, lovely.  We toured the church yesterday and the toweron the right is near where one of our intrepid travelers had their photo taken.

On a motorcoach on our way to Beaujolias for a wine tasting... ... more vineyards, we must be getting close!  Clouds rolling in.

Arriving at the Chateau de Pravinsan organic vineyard managed by a woman!  All the nearby vineyards laughed and said she was crazy when she decided to go organic in 2010.  Now organic wines are suddenly very popular in France and all the other local (male) managers are all coming over to ask her how she did it... Pretty flowers planted all over the courtyard.

Glasses set up for our wine tasting adventure...

... and the wines themselves.  Nothing better than a wine tasting before lunch, makes the whole day somehow better, no?

After the wine tasting, we came back to the ship.  In the early afternoon we were came back off the ship for one of only two extra tours we paid for (all the other tours were included) - this one called "A Taste of Lyon".  First stop, this little side street shop called  Bistro Martine...

Let's try some local cheeses, shall we?  :)

Next stop - a local artisan chocolate shop run by Louis Simart...

We were so busy eating his chocolate creations we forgot to take pictures.  I took a quick one through his store window as we were leaving, sorry...

Last stop - a delicatessen/pastry shop called Charlies!  Oh, la-la!!

The display case was just too tempting!

A close-up, because works of art deserve a close-up And one more just for fun!