Day11 - The Beaches of Normandy

All-day Normandy Beaches tour. Ended with a wreath-laying ceremony at the American cemetery with our fellow vets and an emotional walk down Omaha Beach. Too moving for words...


First stop, the Musee De Debarquement (Landing Museum)

Entrance to the Landing Museum.

Museum was located on the seawall, looking out from the museum to the sea you can still see the remains of the artificial "mulberry" harbor constructed by the Allies.  Inside they had models, artifacts, and films about the harbor construction and operation. 

Looking out from the museum toward the nearby cliffs of Normandy.

We took this tour.

Remains of one of the gun emplacements.  Note the five-layer thick concrete roof!

Statue at the Normandy American Cemetary  Statue is called "Spirit of American Youth Rising from the Waves"

U.S. flag over rows of crosses

9000+ burials, so many markers... :(


First view of Omaha Beach, from the cemetary...

... wider angle view.  Look at those cliffs above the beaches!

Historical plaque with information about the D-Day landing at Omaha Beach... 

Banners like these were hung from lamp posts all along the streets...

Les Braves Omaha Beach Memorial.

The "Signal" Monument on Omaha Beach.