Day12 - Cruise day, headed back up the Seine

Cruise day, continued back up the Seine.   Docked in Les Andelys for a few hours.  Short tour in town, then trekked (way) up to the Château Galliard, a castle built by Richard the Lionhearted in the late 12th century. Incredible views. Windy but the rain held off (again).  Leaving Les Andelys this evening en route back to Paris. Oui, oui, oui!

Our ship, so nice! Headed up the Seine back to Paris.

Pretty cottage with a dock along the bank of the Seine... ... and a chateau perhaps?

Arriving in Les Andelys. View of Eglise Saint Sauveur in Les Andelys.

Rough and steep path up to Château Galliard.

What the chateau might have looked like back in the day...

Ruins of the chateau.

Angela posing at the top!

View from the top...

... and another, note cliffs along the bank.