Day 05 - Hanging out in Baiersbronn

Options for day five were 1) a trip to Stuttgart to visit the Mercedes museum, 2) a cooking class at the hotel kitchen with their award-winning chefs, or 3) do your own thing around the hotel/resort. We obviously selected option 3.

Angel went to an early morning water aerobics class while John slept in. We then went down to partake of the incredible breakfast buffet.

After breakfast, we took a nice hike up one of the numerous hiking paths behind the hotel. After the hike, Angela went down to the gym while John took a nap (I think we can see the pattern forming here, no?).

Next was a light lunch at the hotel, then Angela went off to some fitness class while John “relaxed”. We meet up with our travel group in the afternoon for some fun activities and dinner at a cabin up the woods.

Tomorrow is a travel day...

From our room - a little foggy this morning, especially down in the valley...  John enjoying the views at breakfast.

In the hotel - a sitting area near the reception desk...   ... and the all-important bar!

 View from the walking trail down the mountain-side.

 Another view.  Partly to mostly cloudy all day with temperatures

in the high 60s to low 70s... 

The path taken...

...and the one NOT taken!

Group activities and dinner at a forest hut up on the Pudelstein!

A sawing competition, complete with sharp tools, accordian accompaniment and alcoholic beverages, what could go wrong?!

 A nail driving competition.  One of local guys drove the nail in with four strokes, pretty impressive!

After our competing activities, dinner was served in the hut (catered up from the hotel)!

A little dessert to get our strength back after all our strenuous activities!