Day 06 - Travel day, touring Bodensee, Bad Wörishofen

Day six was a “travel day”.  Stage one was a trip in the morning from Baiersbronn to Meersburg on the Lake Constance (aka Bodensee). We stopped for lunch in Meersburg and had a little extra time to explore. 

Stage two was back on our tour bus for the leisurely two-hour drive to our overnight stop in Bad Wörishofen.

On our way to the Bodensee. Our guide pointed out these "wild animal bridges" over the Autobahn.

Triple wide and planted with trees, grass, and bushes, they keep most of the larger migrating animals (like deer) off the road.

They have similar small culverts built under the road to allow smaller animals to safely transit...

A pretty little church along the way, the grape vines looked about ready for harvest.

Our first view of the Bodensee, aka Lake Constance...  ... and another view.  Weather continued to be magnificent!

The Schloss Meersburg, our lunch location...

... and our lunch which was superb!

A view of back garden at Schloss Meersburg

Arriving at our hotel for the evening, the Steigenberger in Bad Wörishofen

Angela in the hotel foyer.

Across the street from the hotel was a pretty municipal park with a garden.

Our room at the Steigenberger, very comfortable.

Another view...