Day 07 - Tour Linderhof and Oberammergau, arriving in Munich

We sadly left our resort hotel in Bad Wörishofen in the morning en route to Linderhof Palace, about a 90-minute trip to the south.

Once we got to Linderhof, we got to roam the Palace grounds.  We then got back on the bus for the quick 15-minute ride to Oberammergau.

We had lunch in Oberammergau then had some free time to walk around town (some folks did an optional tour of the Passion Play theater).

We left Oberammergau around 1600 and rolled up to our hotel in Munich a little before 1800.   We tour Munich all day tomorrow!

A photo of our tour bus outside the hotel in Bad Wörishofen Welcome map for the Linderhof Palace park...

View of Linderhof Palace from the front garden.  Note crane in back, they were doing some serious renovation work on the Venus grotto in the back garden

View of the ornate ceiling and interior of the "Tea Room." 

The room is currently glassed off, you can only look in.  Back in the early 70s, both Angela and I visited Linderhof at which time the Tea Room.

View from Linderhof to the Alps in the south...  Water parterre/garden in front of Linderhof Palace.  Stairs lead up to the Naiad Fountain and the Temple at the top...

Gardens throughout are beautifully landscaped.

Headed up the steps to the Naiad Fountain.

Naiad Fountain with stairs going to the Temple on top.

The Round Temple on top.  Weather was perfect!

Willkommen nach Oberammergau.  Ornate house paintings everwhere... 

... like this one. A rooster on top of a cat on top of a dog on top of a donkey!  

Another house painting, depicting an old road that use to go through the region.

Yet another incredibly ornately painted building with flowers hanging from the balcony.

How about fables, like Little Red Riding Hood!

Did we mention that we had lunch in Oberammergau.  Highlight was the Pfannekuchensuppe!  

Willkommen nach Munich.  Angela in front of the Glockenspiel in Marienplatz.  

We stayed at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof right downtown.  Here one of the foyers...  

Staircase at the Bayerischer Hof leading up to our room, oh boy!

Our reward for a hard day of touring, dinner and dessert!