Day 10 - Touring Prichsenstadt, arriving in Dresden

Day 10 was actually another travel day. We left lovely medieval Rothenburg in the  morning for the city of Prichsenstadt where we had the opportunity to ride around the city and the neighboring area on a fleet of Aaglander horseless carriages (for real, look them up).  After lunch in Prichsenstadt, we got back on the road for the four-hour drive to Dresden.

Our tour guide Kate entertained us along the way with an interesting infomercial about Tauck, a wrap-up of our German history lesson and a wonderful discussion about Dresden, her favorite city in Germany.

Tours and activities in Dresden all day tomorrow and Tuesday morning, then on to Berlin!

What's an "Aaglander" you ask?  Well it's a modern version of an old fashion horseless carriage, see this blog article for the whole story.. Angela and I posing in our Aaglander as we loaded up for our tour.

Angela doing the Titanic pose in her Aaglander... It's a race and I think I'm winning!

A drive through the forest, very picturesque... ... driving back into Prichsenstadt through the old city gate.  Just in time for lunch!

Signage along the way to Dresden - welcome to the former DDR.  Fittingly perhaps, there was a lone derelict border watchtower on the other side of the highway, resplendent in graffiti... Our first view of downtown Dresden, as we crossed the Elbe River.

We arrived in our hotel in downtown Dresden just in time for a really nice dinner! Angela seem pleased with her dinner choices.