Day 11 - A beautiful day in Dresden

Willkommen nach Dresden!  In the morning we did a city bus tour, walking tour, and museum tour, whew!

We finished touring around 1300, had lunch at a local restaurant, then went back to our hotel to regroup. Angela decided to go see more museum stuff and do some shopping, John opted for a nap.

We have a little more time in Dresden tomorrow morning, then we get back on the bus in the early afternoon for the trip north to - BERLIN!

Our hotel in Dresden, right downtown, great location! Entrance to the Kempinski Hotel Taschenbergpalais

The view out our hotel room window... Right across the street was the back of the Porzellanmuseum, part of the Zwinger Palace

In our tour bus riding along the Elbe river...  Crossing the Elbe into the “Neustadt”. Beautiful weather continues.

Two big domes are the Kunstakademie and the Frauenkirche.

Cranes and construction everywhere,

per our local guide much of the construction now is new housing...

Crown Gate at Zwinger Palace. 

The front side of Porzellan Museum at the Zwinger Palace.

The bells are (of course) made of Meissen porcelain.

When we were there they played a portion of “Summer”

from Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”.

Angela posing next to the Porzellan Museum.

A little cherub on the side of one of the palace buildings... Statue of King John of Saxony near the Dresden Opera House.

Statue atop the Dresden Opera house - Dionis and Aridna in chariot pulled by

four panthers.

A closer view of the Dresden Kunstakademie dome located near the Frauenkirche...

The Frauenkirche. Pretty much totally destroyed in WW II, it was left as a ruin by the DDR, rebuilt with private funds and donations after reunification. About 3800 of the original stones were used in the reconstruction, they are the dark stones...

Bronze statue of Martin Luther that also survived the bombing has been restored and again stands in front of the Frauenkirche