Day 02 - A quick walking tour of Barcelona, then all aboard!

We had a quick breakfast, then spent the morning trying to walk it off in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.   Around noon, we climbed into a couple of taxis for the short ride down to the port to board our ship, the Oceania Marina.  We got settled in our rooms and spent some time roaming around the ship.   The ship sailed around 1700.  After some pre-dinner drinks, we ended the evening at the "Red Ginger", one of the specialty restaurants on the ship, to celebrate Annie's birthday!    The ship cruised all night while we slept, headed east towards Marseilles, France...

Part of the breakfast spread, ouch!

Plaça de Catalunya, a few blocks from our hotel...   Speaking of Catalonia,

we saw plenty of flags hanging from buildings and the like supporting the upcoming independence vote...

An interesting and intricate door, we saw lots of these... Beautiful Angela posing at a tree planter/bench.

In the taxi on our way to the ship, building in the background is the Hotel Vela Pulling up at the pier, that's our ship!

Boarding the ship.  They grabbed our bags as we got out of the taxi, didn't see them again until we

got to our cabin, how civilized.  We did the usual customs, immigration, security checks then

strolled down the shaded corridor to the gangplank...

View from our starboard side stateroom.
Annie, Angela, and Rod back onboard for dinner at the Red Ginger Restaurant!