Day 10 - Welcome to Greece and the Island of Mykonos

Anchored off the island of Mykonos this morning. Took a local tender into shore. Today’s tour included a visit to a Greek Orthodox monastery and a couple of beach resorts, a snack and some ouzo at a local cafe, a cookie tasting at a bakery that has been in business for 500+ years, and then a walk through the old town. There was a short rain squall this morning before we arrived, per our tour guide it was the first rain they have gotten in six months! Relaxing on the ship this afternoon, dining el fresco on the ship’s back terrace this evening. Departing later tonight for our next stop which is Santorini.

Self-explanatory... Outside the Greek Orthodox monastery of Panagia Tourliani.

Ornate wooden altar inside the monastery, carved and shipped in from Venice. Rocky shoreline near one of the beach resorts.

Angela’s cousin Annie, myself, and Angela on the beach.   Locals have named the two hills in the

background for the analogous anatomy of some ancient Greek goddess... Great weather continues,

a little cooler, partly sunny, with a nice breeze...

Speaking of breezes, windmills all in a row. And I always thought the Dutch invented these! 

Part of the town of Mykonos. Per our tour guide, in the past sailing captains resided in this area... Narrow streets of downtown Mykonos. Shopping area is literally like a maze, so glad we had a guide!