Day 15 - Touring about in Athens, Greece

Last day in Athens, near perfect weather. Had breakfast at the hotel rooftop restaurant, then jumped on the HOHO bus for a quick ride to the Acropolis drop off. Climbed up and checked out the entire site, incredible! Got back on the HOHO bus and toured through the Piraeus port area. Got off at the Monstiraki drop off and checked out the insanely busy city flea market. Ended up having a late lunch at a local restaurant, then got back on the bus and returned to our hotel. Walked across the street to watch the changing of the ceremonial guards at the Greek Parliament. Back at the hotel to pack up, taxi is picking us up tomorrow morning at 0330, ouch!

First view of the Acropolis from below, the Temple of Athena Nike.

Climbing up to the Acropolis, combo of stairs and paths. Temple of Athena on right,

main entrance to the Propylaea in the center.

View from inside the Propylaea looking due west.

Another view from on top, remains of the Temple of Zeus.

View of sprawling Athens from on top of the Acropolis

Front view of the Parthenon, again looking pretty much due west.  Near perfect weather... :)

Part of the ongoing restoration of the southwest corner of the Parthenon. 

Caryatid Porch on the Erechtheion Temple. All reproductions, one carted off to the British Museum,

the other five in the Acropolis Museum in Athens.

Late lunch at a nearby restaurant, Angela wanted to try a little bit everything! Angela in front of our hotel.

One the local Greek beers. They had it on the cruise ship as well...

In the “City Link”, an indoor mall/food court near the hotel.

They had decorated for Halloween. Halloween in Athens? 

Greek soldier in ceremonial uniform outside the Greek Parliament.

Changing of the guards ceremony, quite elaborate