Walk like an Egyptian!





Before we knew or had heard of something sinister called COVID-19, our adventurous heroes took a once-in-a-lifetime, three-week bucket list trip to Israel, Egypt, and Jordan, to include a week-long cruise up and down the Nile. 

  • Jerusalem was an eye-opening experience - three major religions all packed together in a tiny little space... 
  • Cairo was also an eye-opening experience - 25 million people, so many people, so nice, but oh so poor... 
  • Egypt in general was yet another eye-opener – so much history everywhere.  Our first-ever hot air balloon ride over the Nile was just breathtaking!
  • Jordan was such a surprise – beautiful, well-governed, well-organized, and of course Petra (of Indiana Jones movie fame) was a highlight. 

Click on the pages below for photos, details, and occasional doses of our pithy commentary... :)


Day 1 - The adventure begins - flying into Tel Aviv (pre-tour)

Day 2 - Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Bethlehem (pre-tour)

Day 3 - Touring the Old City... (pre-tour)

Day 4 - Last Day in Jerusalem, Dead Sea Scrolls (pre-tour)

Day 5 - Flying from Tel Aviv to Cairo (main tour)

  Day 6 - Cairo - the Great Pyramids, Tombs, and Magic Carpets (main tour)

Day 7 - Cairo - Saladin Citadel, Alabaster Mosque, Antiquities Museum (King Tut collection) (main tour)

Day 8 - Flying from Cairo to Luxor, starting our Nile river cruise (main tour)

Day 9 - On the Nile - Balloon ride at dawn, Valley of the Kings! (main tour)

Day 10 - On the Nile - Temple of Hathos, moving up river to Esna... (main tour)

Day 11 - On the Nile - Temple of Khnum in Esna, moving up river to Aswan (main tour)

Day 12 - On the Nile - Aswan Dam, Temple of Philae (main tour)

Day 13 - On the Nile - Nubian village/orphanage, Komombo Temple, Crocodile Museum (main tour)

Day 14 - Last day on the Nile - Horus Temple in Edfu, sailing back to Luxor (main tour)

Day 15 - Transit day, flying from Luxor back to Cairo (post-tour)

Day 16 - Flying from Cairo to Amman, Jordan, Mt. Nebo, Dead Sea (post-tour)

Day 17 - Enroute to Petra, Crusader Castle (post-tour)

Day 18 - Petra, Petra, Petra! (post-tour)

Day 19 - Last tour in Jarash, back to Amman to get ready to go home! (post-tour)