Day 1 - Arriving in Tel Aviv!

We enjoyed a few days with our traveling companions, Annie and Rod, in their condo in Ft. Lauderdale before the trip.  We drove from there down to Miami to begin our adventure.  Flew out of Miami in the evening, arrived in Munich around 1100 the next  morning, then did a quick transfer for our flight to Tel Aviv.

Made it to Tel Aviv around 1630 with all our bags, hurray! Took a 45-minute shuttle to the King David Hotel in Jerusalem which was our staging base for the next four days. Tours start tomorrow bright and early!

Angela noticed some big mountains out the window as we flew out of Munich... It’s January in Deutschland, sieht ziemlich kalt aus, ne?

Approaching Tel Aviv. About 55 degrees and a bit overcast.

Our tired but happy travelers, with all our bags!  Always a good sign...

Arriving at the (very) historic King David Hotel...