Day 6 - Pyramids and magic carpets!

First full tour day in Egypt and boy was it a doozy!  Started the day at Saqqara checking out some "early" pyramids and tombs. Next up was a visit to a carpet factory where we spent way too much money. After a very nice lunch, we ended the day touring the pyramids in Giza. Another bucket list day!

First stop, checking out a 4000 year old "step" pyramid in Saqqara.


There were several tombs located in the Saqqara necropolis. We were able to tour the tomb of Idut, a young princess from the 5th dynasty.

Entrance to the Tomb of Idut..



Remarkably well-preserved stone carvings inside the tomb of Idut.

Some of the carvings still had color/pigment!

Is it time for lunch yet?

Close up!

After our tour in Saqqara, in a recurring theme, our tour guide managed to find a place for us to spend money...

... which we did of course!

We ended up buying all three. They shipped them for us directly to KCMO, how convenient!

After shopping, it was time for lunch. Apparently shopping makes one hungry, who knew?

First view of the Giza pyramids from our bus...

... getting closer!

Our entry ticket to the Giza Plateau!

Approaching the Giza pyramids.

Our heroes standing on a pyramid, so cool!

Yes Angela, you can touch them!


John thinking maybe he could climb to the top...

... then again, maybe not.


Obviously, after seeing the Giza pyramids, one must have a camel ride, right?

The money shot!


Angela and her camel Mini!  Mine was named Mickey.  Our guess was that the name of the camel changed based on the preferred language of the customer... :)

Our camel "wrangler", he staged/took all the photos!


Dismounted from our camels and safely back on the ground!

A quick visit to the nearby Sphinx...


... and back to our hotel in time for dinner!