Day 7 - Last day in Cairo

On our last tour day in Cairo we spent the morning touring the Citadel of Saladin, the Alabaster Mosque (aka the Mosque of Muhammad Ali), and the Egyptian Museum.   In the Egyptian Museum we went through two exhibits to include the entire King Tut collection!   Back to the hotel, then out again for a late-night tour of the City Bazaar followed by dinner downtown.  Plan is to be up bright and (real) early for a short charter flight to Luxor to meet/board our ship for a week-long river cruise on the Nile!


 Walking up to the Citadel of Saladin.  Within the citadel is the Alabaster Mosque, a 1800s replica of the famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul...

Getting closer... incredible weather!

 The mosque courtyard...

Inside the Alabaster Mosque.  Huge inner space with columns and vaulted ceilings.

 Beautiful domes above!

Another view of the domes and vaults, wow! 

Arriving at the Egyptian Museum which was literally right behind our hotel.  

We saw two exhibits; the Tomb of Yuya & Thuya pictured above and the famous King Tut exhibit.  No photos allowed in the King Tut exhibit, boo...

This way to the coffins and mummies of Yuya and Thuya... Who-ya?

They found a 60ft + long papyrus in their burial tomb...

... that was incredibly well preserved.

Another view of the papyrus.

Photos of the mummies and...

... one of the actual mummies!

Burial masks of Yuya and Thuya.

Lots of other artifacts found in the tomb like this chair...

... and these fun organ jars!

Photo in the hallway outside the King Tut exhibit.  We actual had seen some of this before when it was exhibited in Berlin years ago.

Sarcophogus displayed in the hallway...

... and a few more around the corner!

Street scene - City Bazaar

Area was surrounded by beautiful buildings lit up at night!

Another minaret, so ornate!

A few more examples...

... and another more minaret, surprise!


Sharing the street with sheep, of course!

This looks like a fun shop!


  Last thing we expected to see - a store display with a snow scene!