Day 16 - Cairo to Amman, Mt. Nebo, Dead Sea

Moved into our post cruise extension today. Got up at zero dark thirty to catch a flight from Cairo to Amman, Jordan. Met up with our new Viking program director at the airport and went immediately into tour mode. First visit was to the Moses Memorial Church on Mt. Nebo.   Next we drove to Madaba for some much needed lunch, followed by a quick tour of Saint George Church.  Then it was time to go to our overnight hotel on the Dead Sea! Tomorrow will be a little less hectic as we start to move down to Petra.

Drove from Amman International Airport directly to our first Jordan tour which was Mt. Nebo, only about 20 miles due west of the airport.

Signage at the Mt. Nebo outlook pointing out locations and distances...


... our first (but not last) glimpse of the Dead Sea from the top of Mt. Nebo...

Inside the Moses Memorial Church. They found a bunch of mosaic tile floors that they were able to restore...

... like this one, amazing!

A short drive to Madaba, then a short walk up the street for a bit of lunch. It was a little wet and cloudy early but cleared up later.

This looks like a good spot!

Main course, it was delicious!

Next stop - St. George Greek Orthodox Church!

Remains of a 6th Century mosaic tile floor depicting the local area.

Inside the church...

Arriving at the Movenpick resort on the Dead Sea. Worth a visit all by itself!

Angela suggested that we stop our trip and instead enjoy the resort for a couple of weeks...  It was a good idea but we ultimately decided to soldier on for a few more days.  Turned out to be well worth it!

At the Movenpick resort - how low can you go!