2016 River Cruise - Day 12

In Rüdesheim for the day. Glorious weather!  We did a tour of a unique mechanical music museum then split off from our tour group to meet up with some former Air Force colleagues who live in the area and some other people we know who were also visiting from the States.  Took the cable car up to the Franco-Prussian War memorial, enjoyed the views, got a special surprise, then walked back down to town for lunch at a local restaurant.  Got back on the ship and cruised down the scenic Rhein river towards Koeln.  What a great day!

Inside Siegfried's Mechanical Music Museum, most everything in the museum works!

Collection of really old phonographs.

Annie and Rod in front of some incredible piece of antique mechanical music thing.

Me going down the stairs at the museum...

Angela on the cablecar, on the way up to the Niederwalddenkmal

View from the cable car, weather was glorious!


Me and Angela in front of the Niederwalddenkmal

Our friends Jon W and Lara O at a small Greek-like temple near the monument with a great view of the Rhein valley.  We have known Lara since she was a baby in Berlin, she is now all grown up.  Jon is her longtime boyfriend.

Group photo

The special surprise!  At the Greek temple, Jon got down on his knee and proposed to Lara.  We think she said yes.  

Lunch at some local beer garden in Rüdesheim

Back on the Rhein for an afternoon cruise down the Rhein from Rüdesheim toward Köln

View of a castle ruin up on the hillside.

Close up of the castle ruins A little castle/toll house in the middle of the river