2016 River Cruise - Day 13

A wonderful morning in Köln. Toured the famous Köln Cathedral and the surprising Roman-Germanic Museum. Gala dinner aboard ship while cruising toward our final stop of Amsterdam...

Exterior view of the Köln Cathedral

Side alter in the Köln Cathedral

Interior view towards apse

Treasury Chamber

A statue of/garden for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?  On the plaza outside the Köln Cathedral 

Right next to the Köln Cathedral was a surprise (at least to me), the Roman-Germanic Museum.



Roman site was found next to the cathedral during WWII while excavating for a bomb shelter.  Cathedral next the site probably kept it from being damaged to much...

Roman alter

Rebuilt Roman arch with busts of local Romans Beautiful glass horn, intact after centuries

Glass chalice Time for our gala dinner, next stop - Amsterdam