2016 River Cruise - Day 14

Our final cruise day was in Amsterdam. Tour of the Rijksmuseum, followed by a canal cruise with lunch. We flew back to Dulles on Saturday and stayed the night with Angela's cousin in Arlington. We flew home to KCMO on Sunday.  It was a great trip, but it was great to be home too. Stand by for next trip coming up later this month to... Havana, Cuba!

Early morning, docked in Amsterdam.

On the way to the Rijksmuseum, a canal in Amsterdam...

Mmmm, another canal in Amsterdam...

... and yet another.  Lots of canals in Amsterdam, who knew?

At the Rijksmuseum

Syndics of the Drapers' Guild1662.  Rembrandt


Another painting.

Little Girl in Blue. 1641. Jan Cornelisz. 

The Serenade. 1629. Judith Leyster

Lunch cruise through more canals in Amsterdam.

Public parking garage for bicycles.